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Patriot Act

Writer/Performer:Mike Schlitt

...moments of insightful and comedic brilliance about founding documents, founding fathers and some of the conceptual ridiculousness of politics today without even broaching on the 2016 Presidential election.

ZUCCOTTI PARK, A musical about the human side of economics

Writer: Catherine Hurd, Composer: Vatrena King
Director: Luis Salgado
Choreographer: Luis Salgado

   But those hit home if you have ever railed against a system that doesn't follow its own rules whether it is a judge dodging service of Habeus Corpus motions (looking at you Judge Andrew Peck), a mayor evicting you on false pretenses using willfully ignorant enforcement agents or whether it is the selling of public assets to connected entities for virtually nothing or the blank stares ...

At the Crossroads: Music for Faust

Writer: Ben Singer

The old room, high ceiling, wood beams, subterranean sky light and simple staging yanked me in and, once I let myself slow down from the pace of the life outside and was one with the music and the film, carried me along with a story we all know, selling out your long term soul for short term success/power.
Only one more show.  
p.s. some of the special effects are impressive even today.

Homos Sapiens Interruptus

Writer: Carlos Dengler  

Carlos Dengler (former guitarist for Interpol) takes us on a roundabout tour of who he is while peppering the piece with examples of who he was using musical, theatrical, paleontological and philosophical underpinnings to show us he is different and more than what he was.


Writer: John McDonagh, Music by Rory Kirwin
Director: Kira Simring 

John McDonagh  takes a step up to become a cab driver and uses his relentless sense of cognitive dissonance to attack societal foibles harder than almost any performer I have seen in the last 20 years.

Whales and Souls

Actor: Chris Roe, Writer: Andrew Kramer, Director: Matt Renskers

Armed with a simple set Roe is a tour de force being all seven characters in Whales from nuanced subtle roles that draw you in to the seething anger in parts that exhibit a shocking aggression.

Murder at the Food Coop

Writer: Gersh Kuntzman and Marc Dinkin
Director: Eric Oleson

...madcap dash through one man's view of a surreal environment bottled up in a too small store ramps up the pressure leading to an enjoyable and somewhat unsettling night of absurdist merriment.

Walken on Sunshine

Writer: Dave Droxler, Music by James Rushin
Director: Marcus Stevens

...Walken on Sunshine never looks back as it nails a savage look at the creative arts, specifically movie making 


By Jack Fry

... enjoy an imaginary romp as Jack Fry as Einstein lays down some truth all about what Einstein would say about today and about the world's view of Einstein himself.


By Khalil Muhammad

... Khalil Muhammad is exciting as Richard Pryor in Pryor Truth. 
The mannerisms, the voice, the fine tuned and seething anger at an unfair society all shine through in his performance.